Studio Announcements

Hi all!

We have teamed up with Atlantic Sportswear to bring you an incredible BSOTD T-shirt offer!

We choose the color Blue Frost for the shirt with a splash of yellow symbolizing HOPE! There are sizes available for Youth and Adult with both a female and male t-shirt style. :) The proceeds will help defray operating expenses for the Studio while we are Closed. Thank for your support in advance!!! Who needs this shirt? EVERYONE! :)

The STORE will be open from today until midnight on May 31st. Orders received after May 31st will not be processed.

YOUR shirts will be available to be worn during the Senior Showcase on June 10th! How awesome will it be for all of us to be wearing them that day to show our support for our amazing Seniors!

Here is the link to the store. This is the only place you can purchase these shirts! Order ASAP! :)

Thank you for your purchase! We love and miss you all!